The magic of challenge - Jenny's view (16.11.2018)

Yesterday’s LnDcowork had an aurora of supernatural magical power.

At these meetings we spend time catching up with one another, review what has been good or developed since the last time we met.  Then yesterday we decided to tackle a big question, one that would challenge our thought process and engage our minds individually and collectively.

We each spent 10 minutes thinking about the question and then the magic happened….

We told each other our ideas, it was an open discussion in a safe environment, which is key to this group. It didn’t matter if an idea was silly, too farfetched or brilliant what mattered was our ability as a group to help support and develop the ideas we had.

The aurora came to light, in full explosive ideas, we bounced suggestions, tweaks and worked together to refine the ideas into something more.  When I headed back to my car after the meeting I was buzzing inside and couldn’t wait to get home to start to bring the idea to life.

I can’t reveal the ideas we had as we agreed what is discussed in LnDcowork stays in LnDcowork;  however if you would like to be a part of this and work in L&D, Training, HR, coaching and OD then join us on a monthly basis

Jenny Powell