Our Service Promise


dependability and passion

It's all about people! People are the heart and the brains of your business. We understand that you value your colleagues and our service offers the chance to strengthen and cement good relationships, and loosen gently the bonds of bad ones. 

Every client is treated with fairness and respect and the building of positive relationships is at the core of everything we do.



Jenny Powell guarantees  an open and transparent service with a focus on supporting clients at every step of the process throughout the consultancy period.  

Her rock solid business ethics and personal values of integrity and honesty, underpin every service she offers, helping her clients to meet their goals in a fair, ethical and objective way. 


Jay HR Consultancy offers a range of HR consulting services across a broad spectrum of industries. We’ve got the necessary tools and expertise to help you with your HR needs from;

  • Writing Policies and Procedures

  • Employee Handbooks and Employment Contracts 

  • Project planning and implementation

  • Training

  • Managing Staff Absences

  • Disciplinary and Grievances

  • Redundancies

  • TUPE

We partner with our clients to offer support and guidance.

broad HR expertise